Keith Guernsey – Overcoming Adversity through Love and Sports

Keith Guernsey on overcoming brain surgery, falling in love and writing the book of your life


Keith Guernsey took the Plunge and he’s doing good deeds: From now until the end of March, Keith will be donating $1.00 for every copy of Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie ordered to the Jimmy Fund. Let’s support this very worthy cause!

Keith GuernseyHello all and welcome to our fourth Author Interview Plunge. Today’s guest is Keith Guernsey. Everyone, please stand up and give Keith a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

Keith’s Bio
Mr. Keith D. Guernsey is retired after a forty year career in sales and sales management with several fortune 500 companies. He currently lives on Lake Lanier with his wife Susan and four-footed son Harley. Mr Guernsey spent a good portion of his youth playing sports, active in both football and hockey. In 1995 Keith was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor (called an Acoustic Neuroma) and he underwent a ten hour operation at the world-renowned Brigham and Women’s hospital where it was successfully removed.

I never intended to become a writer

While recovering, he met and married Susan. Together they faced his next challenge. In 1997 his neuroma returned. He was to undergo yet another, more complex, operation which resulted in a complete cure, however side effects of this second more invasive procedure caused prolonged inactivity and led to severe weight gain of over 100 lbs. Today Mr. Guernsey is very proud of the fact that he has been able to overcome his physical challenges, losing over one hundred and thirty five pounds, and has found the time to write two successful books.

I had four goals when I started writing; write the book, get it on Amazon, sell a book and get a review. I got them all.

Keith and I talked about his losing 135# (impressive and you don’t want to do it his way), meeting the love of his life, getting encouragement, overcoming adversity and how sports can lead you to bliss. You can find links to Keith’s books on the right or at the bottom of this post (depending on your device). You’ll also find links to Keith’s sites underneath the video. And please comment both pro and pro. Okay, con, too, if something really peeves you.

The first three people to comment or put this out on their social networks get a free book from Keith. Yeeha! Learn how being a sports junkie can improve your health!

If I could have lunch with anyone from history it would be my father.

The Interview

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