Joanell Serra’s The Vines We Planted is August Pick for Latino Book of the Month Club!

Joanell Serra’s The Vines We Planted Success Story!

Joanell Serra going bareback in wine countryThis just in from The Vines We Planted author Joanell Serra:

Hi Everyone!
It’s a hot August day in California. (90 here in Sonoma today. Yikes!)

I’ll give you my news quickly so I can get back in the pool!

The Vines We Planted has been chosen for the Latino Book of the Month Club for August.

I am so honored and excited to participate. (I could insert a video here of my happy dance when I found out, to the song “my vida loca” but I just won’t do that to you all.)

Joining the Las Comadres bookclub is free, and you can register for a teleconference on August 27 with myself and another author, so consider signing up. Their website is: Latino Book of the Month Club

The last week of August will be a busy week, as a video cast of an interview I did will also be shared on August 29th on the Northern Lights Publishing Website.

Joseph Carrabis interviews authors in depth on camera. Check out his August Schedule here:

Sales of The Vines We Planted are going well, despite being past the initial launch period. Pretty sure that’s due to word of mouth marketing by you all. Thank you.

We are very close to 50 reviews on Amazon with a high rating.

Halfway to the goal of 100!

I am loving the reviews, notes, emails, texts and pictures from book clubs and readers around the world. Keep those coming!

If you want to share in the fun, follow me on Instagram or Facebook (Joanellserraauthor).

Finally, because so many folks are struggling with Amazon’s slow shipping and overall practices, I did want to let you know that there are options. You can order from the publisher (Wido) and it turns out ordering directly from me also works beautifully.

I didn’t expect this to be so easy, so I hadn’t advertised it, but so far it is smooth. You email me an address to ship to and $15.00 (Veno, check, Paypal etc.) I’ll get it out within a week to anywhere in the US. I cover the shipping.

This deal is good until August 26, or until my books run out!

Thanks for the support everyone.

Keep reading, sipping and enjoying these last long days of summer.


PS – yes, there is a book #2. Yes, it is coming along!