Con Notes Part 2 – Presentations, Talks, Lectures, and Help Sessions

When someone asks “Is there something I can help you with?” the correct response is “What are you willing to help me with? How much are you willing to do? What is the cost?”

I make it a habit to look up people who’ll be speaking before I attend their session. I may look at their bio and often don’t because I’ve had 20+ years in marketing, meaning I know that most bios are hype. They are written to get you into the room, not to let you know what will be covered or how useful it will be. The bios may read as if they’re telling you what will be covered and how useful it will be (to a certain extent it has to or the presenter will get a rep for not-delivering on their promise) and their real purpose is to get you into their presentation.

So if your goal is to learn from the experts, first make sure they’re experts in more than name only.

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