Shaman Story Chapter 6 – Friends

At one point the following was Chapter 6. It’ll still be in the finished novel, simply not sure where at this point. Enjoy

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Shaman Story Chapter 6 – Friends

His last few years Grandpa and I traveled. Not far, though. I don’t remember it as “far.” He took me to meet his friends and we talked about what Grandpa was teaching me. They loved to have me show them. I made mistakes, most of them harmless. Others, not so harmless. I didn’t understand. Grandpa wanted me to learn and knew something I didn’t; he didn’t have much time left.

Hence taking me to his friends, knowing they’d take over, they’d continue teaching me when he passed. They were my training wheels.

Everything to them was joyful. Everything came with a laugh. And always with you, never at you. Never arguments, never disagreements. Never “do it this way” or “do it that way.” Their corrections took the form “It might work better this way” or “What happens if you do it that way?” Always the encouragement to find your own way to do it, to find your own path, and always happy to have you for a while on their path or take part in your path for a while.

Each visit dealt with a lesson. Grandpa often said “We need to see John. John knows about this.” or “We should go visit Running Water. She knows how to do this.” or “That’s something Chan does better than me. Let’s ask him to show you how it’s done.”

Grandpa knew he didn’t know it all. He had no problem admitting ignorance. He said not knowing is a great gift; if you know you don’t know, you can decide to learn. If you know you know, you’ve already decided not to learn. “Never be afraid and never be ashamed if you don’t know something, Gio. When you admit you don’t know, that’s when you learn.”

Each of them did the basics pretty much the same way. There’s some variation, but Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe is Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe is Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe. I thought there was one door and learned there are many. Some people always go through the same door to start and then there’s other doors on the other side. Some people go through their Childhood Door only when they need to. They find other doors to different places they need to go. Some people can control their doors so that one becomes many and many becomes one.

But you never let someone enter your door and you never follow someone through their door, even if they ask. You can, I’ve met some people who’ve done so. I’ve met some people who were pulled through someone else’s door. That’s a defense and usually used by the weak, those who don’t know more or other.

When it’s an accident, someone has to go find them. Hence Grandpa playing Hide-and-Seek with me.

Daskele, for example, uses Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe as his gateway to bipersonalization. That’s not what he called it. I learned that word from the journals I study. To understand what I do.

Daskele would Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe and suddenly there’d be two of him in front of you. One would stay and talk with you, the other would go shopping for dinner.

Runnng Water would stand in front of you and Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe and there’d be a river standing where she stood. Not a naiad, she didn’t look human anymore, she looked like a chunk of flowing water standing in front of you except it didn’t splash. You could put your hand in the water and she’d laugh. “That tickles.”

WildCat would Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe and you’d be facing a huge brown bear.

Chan was a master of the Lion Dance. He showed me why one day. And he started with Lower-Center-Relax-Breathe.

These and many others were my teachers. Are my teachers.

One of Grnadpa’s lessons: Everything, everything, everything is your teacher. You decide what the lesson is.

“Is Bee my teacher, Buppa?”

“Yes, Gio. Yes.”

“Is Spider?”


“Uncle John?”

“And Mary, too, yes.”

“Running Water?”

“Oh, yes.”

It becomes a game. “Toothpaste?” “Garlic?” “Anchovies?” “The gas station man?” and always a smile, a laugh, a “Yes,” and always, “You decide what the lesson is.”

You never stop learning. I never stop learning. There are teachers everywhere.

And no one I know knows it all.

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