Shaman Story Chapter X – Hide-and-Seek

“Where am I, Gio? Come find me!”

He starts with things easy, asks me questions to make me explore. “Am I in the garden?”

“I don’t know, Buppa.”

“Can you feel me in the garden?”

The garden is tough. He puts so much of his energy into his roses, his vegetables, his Brothers the Bees.

“You’ve been in the garden, Buppa. I can tell you’ve been there.”

I feel a kiss in the air around my head. “Oh, come on, Gio. You and I worked in the garden yesterday. Am I there now?”

The air tickles my feet. I laugh, realizing. “No! But your some place we walk to.”

“Oh, you’re so smart, Gio. Where am I now that is someplace we walk? Feel where I am. I left a trail. You can follow.”

“Like Hansel and Gretel, Buppa!”

“Yes, like Hansel and Gretel but I won’t put you in my oven when you find me.”

I start crying.

“What is it, Gio? What’s wrong?”

“What if I can’t find you, Buppa? What if I get lost?”

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