More Chester aka Chestette aka The Mighty Ches

I mentioned Chester previously.

I mention here that we don’t know if Chester is actually a Chestette. Since shooting this video, Chestette has introduced us to her kits (we share in upcoming videos) so we’re sure Chester has transed, and more due to our ignorance than anything on Ches’ part.

But isn’t that most often the way? Our own ignorance causes more problems than it provides solutions?

I mean, “Ignorance is bliss”? Really?

I’m dumbfounded at how the most educated people can be the most ignorant.

Blinders are amazing things.

Especially those of our own making.

I tell people there are two things I abhor; ignorance and incompetence.

But there’s a caveat attached. To me, ignorance is when someone refuses to learn something. Incompetence is when someone refuses to do something (or attempt it).

I’ve got no problem with someone studying something and not getting it. I don’t consider them ignorant, actually quite intelligent. It takes a lot of intelligence to know when something’s not working for you. You may still want to play at it, and that’s great, too. You may figure out why it wasn’t happening and make it work.

Ditto someone not being able to do something. I put a lot of work into my writing. People ask me how I got so good. Easy, I worked at it. Others may love to write and know they’re not good at it.

Well, first thing is, they’re better at it than the person who refuses to give it a try.

The people who refuse to try are the ones I shake my head at, walk away from. Afraid you won’t be any good? Get over it. You won’t be when you start. That’s why you practice. But refuse to do it, period? Someone puts a gun to your head, I hope you come up with something better than “I won’t be any good at it” because your options are “I’m not good at it” and “I’m dead.”

Ches didn’t mind our ignorance. Ches was happy to educate us. We were grateful to be educated.

And of course, we shared peanuts once our confusion – caused by our own ignorance – was alleviated.