Chester’s People

First off, it’s Chestette, not Chester. Second, this post’s title is a librage to Le Carre’s Smiley’s People (a good if dated read). The clan is much shyer than Hyacinthe’s. We’ve come out and found them at odds with each other, which is a shame because we put out quite a bit of food. We … Continue reading “Chester’s People”

More Chester aka Chestette aka The Mighty Ches

I mentioned Chester previously. I mention here that we don’t know if Chester is actually a Chestette. Since shooting this video, Chestette has introduced us to her kits (we share in upcoming videos) so we’re sure Chester has transed, and more due to our ignorance than anything on Ches’ part. But isn’t that most often … Continue reading “More Chester aka Chestette aka The Mighty Ches”

Hyacinthe and Chester

It’s great when two friends get together for a meal. We’ve shared a few posts wherein The Wild gathers and parties down. Sometimes they invite us to partake with them. More often they prefer we serve them and then leave, be good help who is unnoticed. Okay, not quite. I’ve been at business lunches and … Continue reading “Hyacinthe and Chester”


We have many raccoons. Most of them are quite social. Chester, for instance. Chester, you may notice, has a somewhat ratty tail. A few years back we had another raccoon with a ratty tail. Makes one wonder if they’re related. We do monitor blood lines. Behaviors and distinctive features seen years ago surface now and … Continue reading “Chester”

Joseph Carrabis signs and discusses The Augmented Man at The Barnes&Noble in Manchester, NH

Come find out what The Augmented Man is about in Manchester, NH, on 2 Nov 2019 at 1pmET