Congratulations to Good Mother Hyacinthe

It isn’t easy raising kids, human or Wild, doesn’t matter. These days, parenting is tough.

Makes me glad Susan and I opted out.

Not so Hyacinthe.

She’s such a good mother. Raised five kits to juvenality on her own.

Okay, we contributed somewhat, good aunt and uncle that we are.

Still, raising five healthy kits with all the predators around…pretty amazing.

So take a moment. Congratulate her. Or appreciate her.

They don’t live long, you know.

Have you ever wondered who says that about us, humans? “They don’t live long, you know.”

Maybe mountains? Oceans? Continents? Rivers? Clouds?

I hope they’re good aunts and uncles to us, don’t you?

And if it’s mountains and oceans and continents and rivers and clouds and icesheets and such, let’s spend some time being good to them.

I mean, we’re suppose to be sentient, right? Might be nice to give a little return for all they’ve given us, don’t you think?