Hyacinthe (Again)

Last week I wrote about Samuel, the grand old man of our local coyote pack. This week, Hyacinthe, who (interestingly) first entered out lives about the same time Samuel did. Wild raccoons have shorter lifespans than coyote and, being open to the Universe, I appreciate this is probably her last season with us. I’ve often … Continue reading “Hyacinthe (Again)”

Congratulations to Good Mother Hyacinthe

It isn’t easy raising kids, human or Wild, doesn’t matter. These days, parenting is tough. Makes me glad Susan and I opted out. Not so Hyacinthe. She’s such a good mother. Raised five kits to juvenality on her own. Okay, we contributed somewhat, good aunt and uncle that we are. Still, raising five healthy kits … Continue reading “Congratulations to Good Mother Hyacinthe”

Hyacinthe and The Wise Chipmunk

I wrote last week that it’s great when two friends get together for a meal. Sometimes it’s not quite like that. Friends they may be, but sharzees they are not. Case in point, The Wise Chipmunk. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, to use the cliche. But do note that Hyacinthe, despite an … Continue reading “Hyacinthe and The Wise Chipmunk”

Hyacinthe and Chester

It’s great when two friends get together for a meal. We’ve shared a few posts wherein The Wild gathers and parties down. Sometimes they invite us to partake with them. More often they prefer we serve them and then leave, be good help who is unnoticed. Okay, not quite. I’ve been at business lunches and … Continue reading “Hyacinthe and Chester”

Hyacinthe Feeds

Patterns. The Wild is full of patterns. Learn those patterns and you can be The Wild’s friend. Over all our years of interacting with raccoons, we’ve come to know their patterns. Especially those that aren’t listed on “official” websites as “raccoon behavior.” But realistically, why should The Wild follow the guidelines of some “official” website? … Continue reading “Hyacinthe Feeds”