The Return of Sarah and Gladstone

Over a year ago we encountered mated coyote, Sarah and Gladstone. We’ve seen coyote since and not often.

They are quiet and shy creatures.

Who annoy Boo by their presence.

We’re not sure why. Boo doesn’t like opossum and he will tolerate them to a certain degree. They must stay off the porch and otherwise, c’est la vie!

But coyote…

Is it because he recognizes an ancient ancestor in them?

Perhaps he fears they will usurp him in our hearts (never fear, Little Boo).

Could just be that we sometimes give him the dog food we leave for the coyote and raccoons and he thinks no, that’s his food, stay away.

Doesn’t act that way with the raccoons, though. Maybe because they also get peanuts?

Anyway, Sarah and Gladstone. Enjoy.