Poetry Workshop 3

I continue sharing my attempts at poetry written during a workshop I took. You can read my efforts in classes 1 and 2.

The teacher again gave us one liners to build upon. Our first effort also had rhyming as a constraint, the second one was constrained only by a single word from our immediate surroundings.

As with my previous first efforts, this first effort is meh! but not as meh! as class 2‘s first effort. I read my second effort to the class and again received kudos from other students and the teacher.

First up, a rift on “I went to the rock to hide my face” and note, this is also a hymn lyric and can be found in popular song.

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Now, the poem which received kudos from teacher and fellow students. We were told to take a single thing from our surroundings and build on it. I look out over a woodland and a raven landed on our porch railing as we were given this task. I took Raven as my inspiration.

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