Quick Like a Coyote

Remember my mentioning that Coyote are cautious? How ’bout they’re shy?

Well, both are true.

Still, they appear and let us have a peek at their glorious selves.

We’re fortunate to have healthy coyote in our yard. It’s not so everywhere.

We routinely scout for the wounded, the dying, the unloved and uncared for.

When it’s obviously at Nature’s hand, we offer a blessing and move on. The Old Ones know and understand.

When it’s because some Two-Legger’s decided to wave their dick or breast?

Oh, few things irritate me so.

But I’ve spent my life (and was trained in my youth) to honor all things because (I believe) life – at least sentience – is in all things.

When I am alone, I am never alone.

It is wonderful knowing no matter where you are, you are heard and that some one, some thing, listens.