Tag – Part II Forgeron the Tinker – Chapter 4

More unexplored territory! Chapter 4! Oh, this boy he’s a writin’ now!

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Tag – Part II Forgeron the Tinker – Chapter 4

Forgeron pulled his two wheeled handcart behind him. Pots, pans, knives, kitchen utensils, and tools swung on cords and made a jingling clatter as he walked. His green felt hat’s broad brim flopped over his eyes with each step like a puppy dog’s ears. He turned the pullshafts. Legs dropped from them and he lowered the shafts until the legs touched the ground. Finally he took off his hat, frowned, and scratched his unruly beard. Breakfast smells came on the wind as he wiped sweat from his brow and his frown turned into a smile.

“Metal working!” he called out as he neared some cottages.

No doors opened, no shutters moved. “Smithing, Repairs to any and all.” He passed one house with chickens roosting in its thatched roof and shook his head. “They’ll lose their eggs that way.” He raised his voice in song, “Blades sharpened, knives and axes all, test them on some good sausage to prove their edge.”

Laughter came from the next cottage.

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