Oaps Pays Attention to Traffic

In the cool of the night…

(feel a need to due homage to Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger here)

In the cool of the night, the Opossums come to dine.

Don’t remember seeing an Opossum during the day. Unless it was deep in the woods, heavily in shadow, and usually peeking out from underneath something.

Opossums are skittish at the best of times. We’ve seen them dining with raccoons and, the moment some raccoon gets a tad too close, you can hear Opossum say, “Beware my piercing teeth.

That’s their own name for themselves, by the way.

In OriOrinda, the Opossums’ native tongue, their name translates to “Beware my piercing teeth.”

Good to know, that.

Good to know.