The Bluebirds of Keith Jarrett

Early Jan 2022 we saw bluebirds at our feeders.

Genuine bluebirds.

What’s fascinating about this is they should have migrated by now.

Whatever signals The Wild gives its children it is time to move, it wasn’t given this year.

At least not for these bluebirds.

Which, of course, causes us multiple levels of concern. Most such concerns come down to “What’s happening to The Wild?”

It is both foolish and human to suggest The Wild is under attack. Or massively naive.

Take your pick.

The Wild is not just what’s out behind our backyard, it’s what’s is. If I had to, I’d offer The Wild is the face the Universe shows us.

So offering “The Wild is under attack” is tantamount to suggesting the universe is under threat.

I may write science fiction, but come on. Let’s be serious for a minute.

Okay, you could say the Universe is under attack in The Inheritors, but it’s not so much under attack as it is adjusting to a change in its parameters, much like any living thing will adjust its functioning to deal with some unpleasantness.

99.9999997% of the Universe is alive in ways we can’t fathom. It’s time for us to stop demonstrating our ignorance and appreciate that intelligence, compassion, and authority come in shapes we can’t fathom.

Never doubt the Universe is a living organism.

Just be glad it’s neither spiteful nor plotting.

We wouldn’t stand a chance.

Though many may try.

Shows just how foolish, human, and naive we can be, doesn’t it?


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