A Different One Sees the Moon

Another video from the deep of a southern New Hampshire winter and the raccoons are at it.

This is both a good and an ungood thing.

Good – there’s food for them. Ungood – they shouldn’t be out in this weather. They should be doing the Raccoon equivalent of hibernating. I mentioned in The Bluebirds of Keith Jarrett that signals seemed a bit off.

WinterMan walked through (as mentioned in Enjoying a Little Opie Butt) and it seemed some signals were still catching up.

Truth is, we do see raccoon in winters. Mild winters. Not deep, snow heavy winters. They don’t maneuver well in deep snow.

And you haven’t lived until you see a pair of raccoons ice-dancing across a frozen pond.

I mention in this video about another raccoon. There was a video. It was all black. Next time I’ll wait until the lights are on.

But many raccoons came out on this night. Perhaps to sing praises to The Moon.

We did.

Wouldn’t you?