The Alibi – Chapter 4

The Alibi is presenting me with several learning opportunities. I wrote about what I’m learning about Toing and Froing in Parts 1, 2 and 3. I previously learned about plotting and today it’s reinforcing “Less is More,” something I learned (obviously not well enough) when writing Search and The Shaman(I’ll no doubt write about it later when I’ve learned enough worth sharing), and kind of a specific part of Toing and Froing.

As they say in German Rast ich, so rost ich.

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The Alibi – Chapter 4

BRIC and HSU – Boston Regional Intelligence Center and the BPD’s Home Security Unit respectively – broadcast a Red-Level alert to every federal, state, and municipal law enforcement and governance group within the 128 beltway. The T stopped in its tracks, literally. Logan, North and South Station, and all bus depots went into lockdown. MassDOT blocked all roads south of the Charles to 203 north of Mattapan and west to 9 in Brookline east and south. Other alerts went statewide, throughout New England, the northeast to Ohio, south to Virginia, and north to Atlantic Canada. Governor Hanson ordered the National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters to patrol the streets.

Cranston’s cell flashed Leddy’s “U OK?”

“K U?”

Marete pointed at the room’s bigscreen. “Somebody’s streaming this as soon as we get the call?”

Cranston’s gaze went from his cell to the bigscreen. Leddy flashed “R U Cing this? Sold 2 NTWRKS!” His fingers clenched and his eyes closed. “That’s Leddy.”

Marete turned to Cranston. “Maybe UAS should hire her. She got there faster than our own drones did. Tell her we’ll want that video. And anything else she got.”

His boxer’s thumbs fudged a reply. “I’m on it.”

Leddy TXTed back “$$$$$?”

He tapped Leddy’s image and put the phone to his ear. “Keep filming and send it to me. And anything your friends pick up, too.” He listened. “Who? Tell her she’ll be arrested if she doesn’t.”

Marete kept his eyes on the bigscreen. “That’s AirCon headquarters. And whatever happened it looks tactical.” His deskphone rang. A moment later he came out of his office. “Bill, the big boss says your frontman on this because you already have a history with AirCon and Dunn.”

“That’s a homicide, not a bombing.”

“I said frontman, not lead. You don’t have the background to lead this. You do have the contacts and experience to front it so nobody bothers the lead.”

“Who’s lead?”

“FBI, DHS, MSP and BPD are fighting over that now. And I’m sure AirCon’s people are stomping all over everything with news crews close behind.” Marete pointed at Rhinehold. “Take Tonto with you.”

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