A Healthy Young Lady

First, my apologies.

I begin this video mentioning a young lad.

Not the case, as I realized while I continued videoing.

A young lady, this.

Gender in The Wild is not as fluid as it among Two-Legs these days. At least in western-based cultures.

Many cultures across the globe have more than two gender identities. Note: gender, ie the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles. Gender identity is what an individual believes themself to be. The latter deals with self-recognition and ever more now meaning a surgical self-recognition.

It’s that last part I still have challenges with.

Do you want to know them? Happy to share if you’re interested.

First, it has nothing to do with the self-recognition part. To thine own self be true. Go for whatever makes you happy and comfortable.

When I was a boy, I did boyish things. When I became a girl, I gave up boyish ways.

The Wild has many children who switch gender (reproductive role). The gender switch is accompanied by an identity switch. That tends to be the way it goes in the The Wild; gender leads to identity, not identity leads to gender. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, “When I was a boy, I did boyish things. When I became a girl, I gave up boyish ways.” Or vice versa.

(can’t you just see the evangelicals preparing crosses to burn?)

In The Wild, lots of factors can cause gender switching to occur. Environmental factors, usually. All too often human pollution plays a role. Climatic issues.

In cases where humans didn’t screw things up, the switch occurs to increase species reproductive flexibility. Too many guys? Everybody on the right, switch to gals. Too many gals? Everybody on the left switch to guys.

Simple enough.

And as noted above, many cultures recognize more than two gender-identities. Cultures recognizing more than two identities afford such wonderful individuals special status. “Special” here means “respect, honor, love, …” Not cross burning. I’ve met quite a few in my travels and have always found them wonderful company.

Specific to western-based cultures, I wonder if some of the factors increasingly found in The Wild are at work among Two-Legs.

Do climate changes play a role? How about human pollutants? Are we affecting our genetic structures to decrease reproductive flexibility?

I mean, those who chose surgical sexual transformation are (to my knowledge) unable to reproduce (do let me know if I’m mistaken here). Caitlyn Jenner (one of my heroes) can’t bear children.

So my challenge isn’t with people making gender-identity decisions in whatever direction they choose (although I am concerned when individuals less than thirty or so years make such a decision because their neural topography isn’t yet up to making such decisions. Or so science tells me). It’s with my wondering how much western-based cultures have contributed to the increasing prevalence of something once (and probably still in many places) considered evil.

But then that’s the kicker.

Cultures which have multiple gender-identities don’t consider such individuals evil. To them, evil is forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Like carrying a child to term when you don’t want to or can’t (for whatever reasons).


Way to go, Two-Legs!