Blogging on BizCatalyst360

Dennis Pitocco and the kind folks at BizCatalyst360 have invited me to write the occasional thought-piece for them.

Happy to oblige.

They’ve also given me the go-ahead for an Artists in Discussion videocast.

Artists in Discussion episodes will consist of five people on a Zoom video chat (and someday in person at conferences and such). I’ll serve as moderator with four guests drawn from all creative disciplines.

The theme will be discussions on how our art shaped our lives, how our lives shaped our art. Obviously, survivor issues play a role in such a discussion for many artists regardless of their medium. The tag line “How our art shaped our lives, how our lives shaped our art” is strong to me because it can be personal, cultural, and every place in between. Does culture drive art or does art drive culture? What function does our choice of medium serve? And as different mediums become available, does art change to meet the new mediums? I plan on open, uncensored discussions on all topics affecting our lives and existence.

So far I’ve posted Combating Evil With Good and What if Today is The Day You Make Oceans?, both reprints from other blogs and available elsewhere. More to follow as time allows.

Meanwhile, you can keep up with my BizCatalyst360 posts at Joseph Carrabis on BizCatalyst360.

As always, let us know what you think, and thanks.

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