“Disconnection from the 5 Love Languages” now on BizCatalyst360

I wrote in Blogging on BizCatalyst360 that Dennis Pitocco and the kind folks at BizCatalyst360 invited me to write the occasional thought-piece for them, that I’m happy to oblige, and that they’ve also given me the go-ahead for an Artists in Discussion videocast (I sent out emails to everyone interested and will follow up some time this week).

Most recently BizCatalyst360 published Disconnection from the 5 Love Languages, a piece about how we build relationships and specifically about making an outsider welcome when they join an existing, established group.

And as before, you can keep up with my BizCatalyst360 posts at Joseph Carrabis on BizCatalyst360.

As always, let us know what you think, and thanks.