“Enjoy the Ride” now on BizCatalyst360

Blessings continue flowing in my direction from the kind folks at BizCatalyst360.

Today they published my Enjoy the Ride, a brief discussion on the nature of miracles and what to expect in one’s life…

…if one is willing to work with one’s self in order to let miracles be.

Basically, what is the definition of a miracle? I’m rather stringent on this.

An event is a “miracle” when the event subtends and/or subverts the laws of nature.

Note that above definition has lots of loopholes and catches in it. Some I mention in The Solitaire Meditation and a lot are mentioned in my forthcoming The Shaman (due out Sept ’23, and the scene mentioned in The Solitaire Meditation is from a chapter in that book).

My concept of a miracle probably won’t work for most people, and that’s a good thing. I’ve lived a different life from most people I know.

That use to bother me.

Not so much now.

I’ve learned to Enjoy the Ride.