FRIDAY’S FANTASTIC FINDS: Joseph Carrabis Featured Author of the Week

Patty Fletcher, kind, gentle, and giving person she is, interviewed me and published our exchange at FRIDAY’S FANTASTIC FINDS: Joseph Carrabis Featured Author of the Week.

We talked about

  • My drinking and smoking
  • Where I live
  • The true meaning of Friendship and what true friends really are
  • Living a different life
  • What makes something a favorite
  • My biggest pet peeve
  • My strengths and weaknesses as an author

All of which I enjoyed.

Now what I enjoyed even more?

Receiving this from Patty before the post when live:

This is the best interview I’ve ever seen.

I’m readying this masterpiece interview for my blog.

I would like to say, yours is the very best I’ve ever had in this column. That having been stated, I’m also going to place this in my Writer’s Grapevine Magazine.
I sent that draft to my publishers yesterday. They will be getting an updated copy to include this today.
You answered all the questions as I’d hoped people would do. When I was creating this interview questionnaire I first wrote favorites rather than favorite. Then, I thought, “Hmmm? What if I asked favorite? Would they only list one or would they declare that impossible?” None of my clients or guests have ever listed only one. However, no one has ever written so openly. My mouth literally dropped open in awe as I read.
Thank you so very much for participating.

Yeah, I’m liking it.