I’m in Patty Fletcher’s March-April 2023 Newsletter

Yeah, I’m blessed.

Patty Fletcher included my interview in her March-April 2023 Newsletter.

Patty Fletcher’s The Writer’s Grapevine is a quarterly news and literary magazine featuring Writers, Small Business and Nonprofits.

In each issue you’ll find a variety of Articles, Essays, Short Stories and Poems for your enjoyment and education.



Want to know the best part?

This is how she introduces me in her newsletter:

It’s been quite some time since I posted an author interview here, but today I’ve got something special for you.
Reading this author’s interview earlier today, with my coffee, the phrase ‘Breath Taking’ kept coming to mind as I thought about how to describe it.

Okay, how about the bestest best part?

This is what she wrote when she emailed her newsletter to her subscribers:

This issue includes an author interview the like of which I’ve seen nowhere else, …

Yeah, I’m blessed.

Read and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “I’m in Patty Fletcher’s March-April 2023 Newsletter”

  1. Hey! Sorry I’m so late getting here!
    If anyone would like a personal word or PDF copy of the magazine please let me know.
    My email is there in the magazine a couple zillion times. 🙂
    Yall have a great day.
    Enjoy Joseph’s interview.
    Leave a comment here or on my blog to let me know your thoughts.
    Better yet, write a magazine review include your 100 word or less bio with one website and send to me and I’ll slip it into the next issue.
    How’s that for free publicity?
    PS. Send that interview in an attachment please?
    no pressure.