Anybody like piles?

The following is a true story, something I witnessed when studying in Alba Nuah and Alba itself.

An elderly woman had an impacted tooth. Her jaw was swollen, she couldn’t eat, and spent most of her time suffering loudly.

One of my teachers was asked if he could help.

He wrote a prayer (in Scots Gaelic, of course. He regularly told me Scots Gaelic is the only true Gaelic. Evidently God, the angels, and Jesus also speak/spoke Scots Gaelic. I didn’t argue) on a piece of paper, folded it down down down until it was about half-an-inch on a side, and handed it to her.

“Chew this on your tooth. Your pain will go away and your tooth will be healed.”

She doubted, but he was well known for his knowledge and abilities, so chew she did.

After about five minutes of chewing, she looked up, her eyes wide, and smiled. “The pain’s gone!”

Her husband, watching carefully, said, “I wonder if that’d work for piles.”

My teacher almost fell over laughing.

I did, too.

But still I wonder.

And here, Hecate, Hermoine, and their piles.