Concern for Hecate

Sometimes The Wild isn’t kind. It’s not so much a matter of kindness as it is…well, it is what it is. We’ve known Hecate for quite a while in raccoon years. This Hecate, anyway. There have been others, long gone and passed into memory. “Hecate” seems to be a favored name among them. Perhaps a … Continue reading “Concern for Hecate”

Hecate’s Kits

Hyacinth brought her previous year’s kits out in March (we posted in July). Hecate brought out this year’s kits in July (yes, we’re posting it in December. They don’t seem to mind). The timing of births is a concern. Usually our raccoons child earlier. This year everything is delayed a bit. Some things – migrations, … Continue reading “Hecate’s Kits”