This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)

As happens, things continue. Case in point, the next generation of raccoons. Here we see one kit, sometimes referred to as a raccoonlit, and briefly. Future videos reveal Hyacinthe’s proclivity. But for now, a bold one. Who quickly shies away. I remember Rocky telling her kits, “It’s a Two-Legger. He’s okay, but don’t let him … Continue reading “This Year’s Kits (okay, Kit. Singular)”


We have many raccoons. Most of them are quite social. Chester, for instance. Chester, you may notice, has a somewhat ratty tail. A few years back we had another raccoon with a ratty tail. Makes one wonder if they’re related. We do monitor blood lines. Behaviors and distinctive features seen years ago surface now and … Continue reading “Chester”