An AI wrote this (and here’s why you have nothing to fear)

…we now have an AI supported service to check your Amazon book page, provided without charge, at…

A company contacted me about their new AI check of an Amazon book page.

Okay, like everyone else, I’ve been deluged with AI this and that for the past few months.

And before I go further, let me offer that I created a technology which people kept referring to as AI and I kept explaining wasn’t artificial so much as it was altricial intelligence because it learned by observation (and I received some patents on it).

Meaning, I have a background in these concepts and ideas and…well…frankly…bullshit.

Anyway, I was curious (I’m not anymore. At least I won’t be for a while).

My urban science fantasy Empty Sky was repubbed a few weeks back so I offered it to this company’s AI system.

Here’s what my publishing company’s editor, copy/continuity editor, and I came up as Empty Sky‘s description:

What can one young boy and a group of strangers do against a powerful man bent on weaponizing dreams?

Jamie McPherson and his dog, Shem, go on a quest which takes them from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Dartmouth College where a neurophysiologist has developed a dreaming computer named Ann. Along the way they get help from the Guardians of the Moon, creatures who carry our dreams to and from us, and some heroic people who’ve lost the ability to dream. But the NSA’s Earl Pangiosi knows that dreaming is powerful and important, and will use all his power to stop Jamie from succeeding.

What does it mean to dream, to hope? To wake up each morning with the belief that today will be better than yesterday? And if we lose the ability to hope, to dream, to wish, to believe in better tomorrows? What happens when people don’t want to dream yet can’t wake up? And what if humans aren’t the only ones who can dream?

Jamie and Shem discover where dreams are kept and who guards them, and why people are losing the ability to dream. Jamie is willing to help but to do so he must make what seems a boy’s ultimate sacrifice: the loss of his best friend and his innocence.

And here’s what the AI rewrote it to:

What can anyone do against a powerful man bent on weaponizing dreams?

Jamie McPherson and his companion, Shem, encounter a brilliant neurophysiologist named Ann, who has developed a groundbreaking dreaming computer capable of unlocking the secrets of the subconscious mind.

They discover there are enigmatic Guardians of the Moon, ethereal beings responsible for carrying our dreams to and from us. Together with a group of extraordinary individuals who have tragically lost the ability to dream, they form an unlikely alliance against a high-ranking operative of the NSA.

In this thought-provoking tale, you will delve into the profound questions that underlie our existence. What does it truly mean to dream, to hope? Can the magic of a dream pave the way to a brighter tomorrow? And what happens when the very essence of hope is jeopardized, leaving people trapped in a state of perpetual slumber?

Prepare to unlock the enigmatic world of dreams, where Jamie and Shem unearth the secrets of dream guardianship and unravel the mystery behind humanity’s fading ability to dream. In a race against time, Jamie must confront the ultimate test, confronting the heart-wrenching choice of sacrificing his dearest friend and his innocence to save a world on the brink of losing its dreams.

Empty Sky is a gripping tale that will ignite your imagination, leaving you yearning to rediscover the power of dreams and inspiring you to seize every opportunity to create a brighter future.

By the way, the AI had a human edit what it came up with (I’ll bet you can’t tell).

I’m not going to offer anything more than

You have nothing to fear from AI.


And while you’re not fearing AI, take a look at Empty Sky

By the way, the AI also had a cover suggestion. The current cover is below left (click on the image and you’ll see it on Amazon, the AI enhanced cover below right (don’t click on it because it’s kind of WTF?. Let me know what you think.