I’m an object of curiosity

While recognizably of poor quality (the video, not the gentleman who is the subject of the video), the attention The Wild grants Two-Legs always intrigues me.

And not just Coyote – as is the subject of this post – but all Old Ones focus on us when we’re around.

Survival, I’m sure, to many, and I doubt that’s the case here (meaning “in our yard”) as they don’t shy away from us often.

Such is not the case when our neighbors gather.

Then it’s hustle justle hustle get back into deep cover before they do something…


But I’ve interacted with Two-Legs enough to know respect for one’s teachers is neither a universal nor a given.



No Breakdancing for Samuel

At least we think it’s Samuel.

Could be Elmer, but probably Samuel.

In any case, a healthy fellow with the exception of a bad hip.

We’ve noticed the bad hip before, not sure where he got it.

No obvious bullet wounds, nor any obvious scars from encountering inhospitable others in The Wild.

Such would be a rare occurrence, though. Especially around us as we tend towards being generous.

Could be a simple mishap, a misstep. Could be he was practicing a dance step and some Latin rhythm threw him.

No breakdancing for Samuel for a while, I guess.


Reasonably Cautious Raccoons

I mentioned last week the joy of dining with friends.

This week we continue that theme with a note of caution.

Behold some reasonably cautious raccoons.

Reasonably cautious because in addition to Opossum, Skunk, Owls, and assorted other fine citizens, we have a family of Coyote who visit.

We don’t mind them. They’re quite beautiful and gracious creatures.

Chatty, in fact.

And they love a good gnosh.

We simply endeavor to ensure their gnosh, while they share our space, isn’t someone else coming by for a little gnosh.

(no one likes it when the kids fight at the table…)


The Coyotes Are Celebrating now on Carmina

Entering Lindisfarne (2016) by Clarabelle Miray Fields

Before anything else, my deep thanks to Ann Christine Tabaka (aka @TabakaChris and Irene Søde Josefsen for helping me with my crafting and Søde for encouraging me to write poetry.

I’ve mentioned several times I don’t consider myself a poet. It is one of the most challenging forms to me, especially when I write something and am told it doesn’t meet any poetry standards.

“Well, I didn’t know such existed. Forgive me for attempting anything new.”

I shared my poetry with Søde and she immediately wanted to know where I’m published.

“Umm…I’m not.”

“Then get published!” she cried, and I was off…

…to Ann Christine with the said The Coyotes Are Celebrating and asking how to make it better.

“It’s pretty good as is. I wouldn’t change much.”

And she didn’t. And it got published. And Hooray!

You can read The Coyotes Are Celebrating in Carmina’s Sept 2022 issue. It also appears early in this blog’s history here.
A always, let me know what you think, and thanks.

Hyacinthe (Again)

Last week I wrote about Samuel, the grand old man of our local coyote pack. This week, Hyacinthe, who (interestingly) first entered out lives about the same time Samuel did.

Wild raccoons have shorter lifespans than coyote and, being open to the Universe, I appreciate this is probably her last season with us.

I’ve often wondered where The Wild go to pass.

Is there a Raccoon Graveyard somewhere in the woods behind our house I’ve never found?

When Samuel walks the Blue Path, will I find his trail marks in the grass and come upon him deeply sleeping never to wake in this world again?

Our world shrinks…exponentially? Definitely geometrically. Humans have affected the environment far more than via an arithmetic progression, me thinks.

As our world shrinks, so does theirs, only more so.

Human – Two-Legs – extinct species only slightly quicker than we extinct ourselves.

And here in the first quarter of the 21st century, I’ve noticed we’re damn good at it.