Karsten Bech Nielsen – Smart Money and the Evils of BitCoin

Personal Finance Expert Karsten Bech Nielsen on a 360º view of Money

Karsten Bech Nielsen - Mind Your MoneyHello all and welcome all to another Author Interview Plunge. Today’s guest is Danish Personal Finance Expert Karsten Bech Nielsen. Karsten is an architect, author, publisher and seasoned investor. He considers himself an IT nerd and be that as it may, he’s become financially independent due to his knowledge of the banking, finance and insurance industries.

Most books on personal finance are narrowly focused. They ignore things that are extremely important


Karsten shares what he’s learned in a lifetime of following markets, the evils of cybercurrencies, what makes good investing and how to teach your children to prepare for their (and your) futures.

The first thing you need to figure out is “Where do I want to be in the future?” If you don’t know where you’re going it doesn’t matter which direction you choose

Karsten’s greatest desire is to help others realize financial independence and he’s written MIND YOUR MONEY with that desire in mind.

You have to inspire people to look at life in a different way

We talked about setting goals, what do you plan for, what is a 360º view of personal finance, philosophers through the ages and from different cultures, recognizing good advice and bad advice, Bitcoin and cybercurrencies in general (DON’T GO NEAR THEM!).

Personal finance is a mixture of philosophy and practicality

The Interview
Karsten hopes you will excuse him for looking a bit sick and tired. Actually he was and a bit worried about upcoming surgery, hence his urgency to complete the interview. However, everything turned out fine and he’s completely cured from his kidney cancer now.

Most of the mistakes I made were because I listened to bad advice

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The tough part for people to understand is their goals

An Excerpt from Karsten Bech Nielsen’s Mind Your Money
The important question when considering retirement is what is your expected life length and thus, for how long should your money last? The expected life length will also affect which pensions you should choose.

Several calculators on the Internet can help you calculate life expectancy considering health, style of living, and ancestors. However, calculators can be too basic as well as politically biased; they want us to live in a certain way; avoid alcohol, smoking, or boost our pension savings, but there are decent ones too.[8] Try at least a couple of those with thorough questions covering lifestyle, health, and ancestors. I just tried two different calculators and they arrived at almost the same result; 93 and 95, even though I am 59, smoke, enjoy wine, and dining, but fortunately am in good health. One explanation is my ancestors all lived to their late eighties or more even though they did not live particular healthy.

However, the older you are the longer your life expectancy will be. This is because some die young due to disease, accidents, suicide, or the like. Therefore, the same calculation for you at age 20 and at age 60 will yield a different result. It may only be few years, but consider staying updated, it will help you remember what is important to do to achieve a long and healthy life.

Let us have a look at how life expectancy should influence your choice of pension.

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The stock value has peaked when the last fool has invested


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  1. “going to a loan shark to pay for medical care.” That is one powerful statement, and it tells you all you need to know about medical care in the US.