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Fantasy based on Christian Mythology…with some hot and heavy sex thrown in? Maybe?

Rebecca TranHello all and welcome to our continuing series of author interviews. I’d like everyone to stand up and give Rebecca Tran a big round of applause for taking part in our exciting adventure.

I started writing to get over the loss of my father when I was sixteen.

Rebecca’s Bio
By day Rebecca Tran is a pharmacist, mother to two little girls and a Boston Terrier. By night she is a blogger, book reviewer, and an award-winning author. Currently, she has 4 novels and 2 short stories published. When she gets free time, she enjoys going to antique stores and resale shops to find unique and interesting teapots. She also loves sewing and quilting although her family and writing take up the bulk of her time.

You have to find a dedicated audience for fantasy and sword&sorcery to get into that.

Rebecca and I talked about helping authors, breaking into fantasy, writing romance, demons in love, helpful vampires with good taste in blood types, winning awards, what some publishers do and don’t do, self-publishing, self-promotion, authors’ tools, winning awards and more.

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The Interview

She’s one of the most sexually promiscuous of all of them. It’s her story.

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An excerpt From Rebecca Tran’s For Their Sins
Anya was waiting for me when I entered the room, lounging on a velvet sofa with silk pillows, looking rather pale. Her deep brown curls were only half pinned up the rest spilled over her breasts that were bound in a tightly laced black corset. She wore black well cut pants and low heeled boots. A gleaming sword lay within easy reach, but her feet were up on a stool, and she showed no sign of getting up as I approached. “Alexandria,” she said in greeting as if we were old friends.
“Anya,” I replied with contempt.
“You look a little out of breath perhaps you’d like a seat.”
“I thought that was the point of five ill-trained goons, to wear me out. Why offer a seat now?”
“A show of hospitality.” She shrugged.
“Where is he, Anya?” I nearly growled.
She gave a cruel smile “The Venandi you knew no longer exists.”
“I know you’ve tainted him I don’t care.”
“He’s under my control. It’s my blood he craves and my bed he wants.”
“Give him back you cold-hearted bitch.”
“Tsk tsk, Alexandria. We are matriarchs of our peoples to fight over one male seems pointless.” Anya said as if bored.
“You did this to draw me out. Now I’m here, so let’s get this over with.” I demanded.
She was on her feet with sword drawn every bit as fast as a Venandi. “As you wish.”
We fought endlessly back and forth neither of us gaining or losing ground. The sound of metal clashing became a metallic hum in the air that sang to me, focusing my thoughts. In the midst of it all, I found him, my love, my match. I called out to him with my thoughts and felt him approach although, the reason felt wrong and it worried me. What if it were true? What if he was lost to me? Then he came into the room, and I knew the truth. Anya moved into my guard, and her sword cut my side. My sword fell. She grabbed me.
As Anya’s teeth sunk into my throat, I heard him call my name “Alexandria, NO!” My eyes slid closed as a tear slid down my cheek.
This was the turning point for my people and me. But you must know what I am and what I have lived through to understand what I did, why I would risk everything, including myself for one male. I am Alexandria Diego, and this is my story.

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From: “Hunted (Dragons of the South book 1)” (WIP)

Lexa ran through the woods scared and alone. She had no idea where she was going. She was just glad to be free of that cage. Lexa still couldn’t figure out why she was locked up in there like some animal. All she remembered was waking up alone and hungry. No one came for two days. It took all of her willpower to move the cage close enough to the table to knock it over and get the keys. Now she was free and had no idea where to go.
Lexa couldn’t remember who she was or where she was from. She had a wallet in her pocket that said her name was Alexis Greene, but she knew her name was Lexa or at least that’s what she liked to be called. She needed a place to stay and money. There was a diner up ahead, and she ran inside. The waitress looked her over and tried to shoo her out. “Please, I’ll work for food.” She glanced at the window. There was a help wanted a sign. “I can work. I’ve waited tables before,” Somehow Lexa knew it was true. The waitress called the manager from the back.
A big burly man came out. His teeth were crooked and rotten. He was greasy and fat. The man leered down his nose at her like she was a piece of meat and her skin crawled. “You can work for room and board.” He smiled. Lexa thanked the man. She couldn’t stay here though. She would work long enough for a meal then she would leave.
Lexa scrubbed dishes in the kitchen. The manager said she was too dirty to be out with the customers yet. Lexa didn’t care it gave her time to think. She was trying to figure out her next move. One absurd thought kept popping in her head. ‘Find the dragons’ She groaned. Dragons like they existed. She washed another dish then looked up. “Where is the Grand Canyon?”
“What? Why do you want to know that?” the manager asked.
“Please I want to see it, and I feel like I’m close,” Lexa begged.
“About 15 minutes down the highway,” he grumped. “Don’t go getting ideas.”
Lexa went back to scrubbing dishes. Then she smelled it. Something different was in the restaurant. It wasn’t like anything she smelled before. Lexa let the dish fall into the water and dried her hands. She went to the door and peered out. The most gorgeous man she’d ever seen sat in a booth across from her. He had to be tall the way his legs stretched out. His hair was pale blonde his face was angular, and his eyes were moss green. His body was to die for. He had muscles everywhere. Lexa just wanted to touch him to see if he was real. The waitress moved over and took his order. He seemed kind. He talked to her briefly and made her smile.
Lexa took a step out wondering if he’d talk to her. She’d washed a ton of dishes maybe she could sit down to eat and enjoy the view. She heard the manager calling her back. He promised another half an hour, and she could break for food.


Hunter went to his favorite diner after patrolling for the day. He was tired and worn, but at least things were starting to get easier. Mac and Paxton were earning respect, and he was gaining a reputation in the south. All of it meant there was less trouble. The old Enforcer was way too lax, and Hunter was having a hard time restoring order. He already had to punish ten dragons, and he’d been here less than a year.
Hunter sighed as the waitress came over. She asked if he wanted his usual order. He asked if he was that predictable. She laughed and said he was. She recited his order, and he nodded conceding the point. She moved off, and Hunter pulled out his phone to check his email reception wasn’t the best on the territory. He glanced at the kitchen door and noticed a young woman standing in it staring at him. It was nothing new. This one though seemed like she was down on her luck. He was just about to ask her to sit down when she disappeared into the kitchen once more.
When Sally his waitress came back he asked about the young woman. She said the woman wandered in and asked to work to earn her meal. Hunter handed Sally her tip and a tip for the young woman as well. Sally smiled and thanked him. It was the least he could do. She was trying to do the honest thing after all. Sally brought his food a few minutes later, and he started to eat. The young woman was forgotten.


Lexa washed dishes for the next half an hour dreaming of the food that was coming. She could almost taste it. She was so hungry her belly was past making noises. She couldn’t remember the last time she ate. The manager came in a few minute later with a plate of food in hand. He told her to use his office to eat. Lexa happily went to sit down.
He came in when Lexa was halfway through eating and shut the door behind him. He started unbuttoning his pants. Lexa jumped up. “What are you doing?”
“This is part of it too if you want to stay.” He unzipped.
“No,” Lexa told him as she got up.
He pushed her back down in the chair. “I don’t think you’re going anywhere.”
Lexa punched him hard in the jaw and pushed past him out the door. She ran out of the kitchen and heard the manager behind her. She went directly to the Adonis in the booth across from her. Somehow she knew he would protect her.


Hunter looked up from his meal when the kitchen door slammed open. The young woman from earlier ran out. She was dirty and tired and looked like she needed a good meal. Still, he couldn’t help being attracted to her. He long deep brown was pulled into a ponytail that fell in a giant poof halfway down her back. He was sure it was naturally curly. She was short and barely reached his shoulder, so she was under 5’4” tall her breasts were large under her baggy shirt, and her ass was plump. Even a mess she had Hunter in a sweat.
The woman ran across the restaurant and stood beside his table. Hunter had no clue why until he saw the manager come storming after her. His greasy face was red, and his cock was hard. The zipper on his pants was down so he must have tried to pull something. Hunter’s dragon was in a rage as he got to his feet. ‘Mine, kill him’ he screamed. Hunter stopped dead. What the fuck was that about? Hunter looked back at the woman. ‘Mine’ his dragon said again. He swallowed hard and addressed the manager. “Leave this woman alone. She’s under my protection.”
“She stole food from me,”
Hunter glanced at her, She clung to his shirt sleeve and peered out from behind it. “I worked over an hour for it.”
“Even at minimum wage, she paid for it. You don’t want the cops to come.” Hunter threatened. The manager grumbled and went back into the kitchen. Hunter turned and faced her offering his hand. “Hunter Silver” He got a whiff of her scent and paused.
She took his hand like nothing happened and little zings of electricity shot up his arm. “Alexis Greene although I like Lexa.” She leaned in closer. “You aren’t human,”
Hunter smiled, “Neither are you,” Lexa looked at him surprised. She hadn’t known, now what was he supposed to do?

I get bored writing if I know the outcome of the story.


From: “The Rashade’”

Kailin pulled her in closer to him and stared at her with his violet eyes. It was a thrill that she instantly rebelled against. “You’re not going to let that stop you. Not when you have the opportunity to show all these people that you’re every bit as good as a man.” Kailin voiced almost the exact thoughts running through her head.
“All right, but you will look rather silly when you lose to a woman in a dress.”
“You could change.”
“No, this took entirely too long to put on.”
“I must say it was worth the effort. You look stunning.” He smiled at her as he stopped dancing and pulled her to the far end of the room. He took her through the tower and out onto a cobblestone courtyard. An elevated wooden platform sat at the far end with racks of weapons on each of its four sides. Stopping in front of one of the racks, Kailin picked up a sword and handed it to Mara. She let it fall to the ground insulted. She stepped over the sword on the ground and walked down the row of weapons until she found one that suited her. She felt its weight and tested its balance before moving to the platform.
“That’s my sword,” he said, a little surprised at her choice.
“Well, it’s much nicer than the piece of tin you handed me. May I borrow it?”
He relented as he followed her onto the platform. Kailin drew the sword at his waist and waited for Mara to make her move. She, however, was more patient than him and let him make the first move. He lunged forward, and she blocked it easily with a clang of steel that hung in the cool night air. He swung, and she blocked again. A guard came running to see what was going on. He watched for a moment before leaving again.
A few minutes later, two more guards arrived. They stood at the edge of the platform to watch. Mara worked Kailin back toward the edge of the platform, but he found an opening and managed to force her back. The match was already five minutes in without a single point. People continued to hurry in to watch.
“MARA!” Kess yelled. Distracted, Kailin looked up for a moment, and Mara seized the opportunity. With a flick of the wrist, she disarmed Kailin sending his sword flying. In one fluid movement, she swept his leg, spun around, and caught his sword. Now on his knees before her, she stopped with both blades crossed against his throat.
The crowd hollered and cheered. Wayette, who was also caught up in the moment, began clapping. Kess, however, remained unimpressed. He saw that move countless times and knew its counter. As showy as the move was, he was no longer fooled, unlike Kailin. The crowd loved it though, and it left no doubt as to why she chose to take such a risk. She’d used this opportunity to prove a point to the noble class. From here it would filter down, beginning the reputation she so longed for.
“Do you yield?” Mara asked simply when the crowd quieted a little.
“Yes,” he relented.
“Good, my dress almost got dirty!” Mara said more than loud enough for the crowd’s benefit.

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