The Bobbsey Twins

Peace in small, furry packages

Say hello to The Bobbsey Twins, two of Hecate‘s kits.

Hecate we haven’t seen in a while.

Nor her kits, singly or in groups, we don’t see often.

These two are often together, siblings still willing to sib.

We’ve wondered what’s become of all the raccoons. Fewer now than usual for this time of year.

Could be the increase in predators – wolf, coyote, bobcat, hawk, eagle, bear, fox.


It is hunting season here. We do not like hunters.

Allow me a correction; hunters who hunt to eat, fine. Go for it. More power to you.

Hunters who hunt because ooga-chaga-ooga-chaga me big man hunter?

F?ck ’em.

Most wildlife – indeed, most people – know our land is safe. We keep watch when the wildlife is here.

We are trusted. We are safe.

There is peace with us.


Probably because we learned to be with. Without them, we can not be us. Balance. In all things.