It’s in the Trees! It’s Coming!

That line is in two of my favorite items. One is Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, the other is the 1957 British horror film Night of the Demon. Aside from its cult status, the line has always carried a certain power for me, possibly because I’ve always loved trees.

I rarely climbed trees as a child unless I was alone in a woods. Being alone in a wood was and remains a common occurrence for me. I’ve always preferred the solitude and quiet and never feared “wild” animals. I have several strong memories of sitting quietly in a wood and having creatures come up to me – raccoon, opossum, coyote, wolf, deer, skunk, woodchuck, …, not to mention various and assorted insects and arachnids. Some were shy, others not so much. Bears have been within a few feet of me but not closer. Turkeys proudly bring their chicks to me.

So it’s quite understandable that I spend my time writing these posts about The Wild. It plays quite a role in my Tales of the Woods stories and is the primary setting of Those Wings Which Tire, They Have Upheld Me.

This entry into the WildLife series deals with coaxing some of Hyacinthe’s kits (introduced last week) from the trees for some peanuts.