Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Well, not quite rivalries so much as territorialities.

They happen in The Wild.

Even when there’s abundant food available.

We noticed similar behavior in humans when we were in business. People swarmed where there was activity, not necessarily where there was abundance.

My inner anthropologist, psychologist, and sociologist kicked in big time when such things occurred. Didn’t matter if there was something demonstrably better over there, over here is where everyone gathered so this, by definition, must be better, even when it obviously wasn’t.

But the business rules and mindsets rarely made sense. Too often people wanted to be in business but continued being avaricious without thinking things through; always short term success superceded long term stability.

Probably why so many companies fold so quickly regardless of their offering’s worthiness.

I can almost understand such stupidity – especially in siloed communities – and do understand it in animals. It’s a survival mechanism.

But it’s not in humans.

And we’re suppose to be smarter.

Yeah, right.


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