This Is How It’s Suppose to Be

I wrote Can’t We All Just Get Along? last week, and what a difference a day or two makes.

Hester is accepted by Hyancinthe and her kits.

Took no time at all.

Did take a little prodding.

And now all is good.

The original Outer Limits‘s 1st season, 3rd episode was The Architects of Fear. Like many of that series’ episodes, it stayed with me through the years.

It deals with some humans’ fear that the world is heading towards Armageddon and the only way to save ourselves is to introduce a threat from “out there.”

It goes horribly wrong and I won’t give any spoilers other than it’s highly recommended.

But that “external threat making us behave” motif.

I doubt the raccoons consider me an external threat so much as a Two-Legs with food.

And still, all is good for now. Let’s rejoice in that.


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