Can you come up with a title for this?

I finished editing The Inheritors 12 June and it’s now out with some first readers.

After completion, I cleared things off my desk.

Kind of an archaeological dig, that.

One excavated piece follows. It’s not a short story, not a tone poem, and is framed like a poem.

Let me know what you think. Also, if you have any ideas for a title, please share.


My ancestors
kept lighthouses
to guide ships at sea
safely to harbors,
their bounty to share.

My people
light the skies
of night
hoping that one ship
piloting the cosmos
will return to save us.

The seas gone,
the forests no more,
no animals other
than man,
this rock our home

Flee, they said.
Flee, they called
from far away,
their great ships ready
to save us.
Their price a change in our ways.

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One thought on “Can you come up with a title for this?”