15 Days of Harveys Day 3 – Alexandrina Brant’s “Cartography, Creatures, & Craquelin (A Melina Short)”

Cartography, Creatures, & Craquelin (A Melina Short)

by Alexandrina Brant

Everyone was of the opinion that cartography was not a woman’s work. Quite frankly, everyone was wrong and had been for quite some time. The female brain – from what Melina West understood of it, though she understood a deal more about most other parts of the female anatomy – was exactly what cartography needed for transforming points of worldly data into artwork that informed as well as beautified.

The above is from Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 8 (the famous “No Dragons” issue) and you can read the rest of Alexandrina Brant’s Cartography, Creatures, & Craquelin (A Melina Short) along with several other amazing stories between its captivating covers (and we both I hope you do!)

Have you been Harveyed?

The kind, wise, and wonderful folks at Sixth Element Publishing included four of my flash pieces in Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 8 and I’m repaying that kindness by showcasing the opening from each author’s work for the next few weeks.


Like what you read? Go get Harvey 8. In fact, get all the Harveys. We (the authors) won’t mind.

Next up, a taste of Bruce Connelly’s Hare Today, Gone…?.