15 Days of Harveys Day 4 – Bruce Connelly’s “Hare Today, Gone…?”

Hare Today, Gone…?

by Bruce Connelly

Jack rolled out of bed at 6:30 on Easter Morning. “I can’t believe the kids aren’t up yet,” he muttered. “I’m getting the bathroom first!”
“Jack,” Nancy murmured, her face buried in the pillows. “Stay away from the baskets.”
“Do you think I’d steal candy from my own children?” he said, as he pulled on his robe.
“Yes, I do. Where did the Crunchy Crispy Candy Bars go out of their Trick or Treat bags?”
“Goblins. Where are my slippers?”
“And the Liquorice All Sorts out of their stockings?”
“Krampus. But you could make this a whole lot easier, you know.”
“Give me my own Easter Basket!”

The above is from Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 8 (the famous “No Dragons” issue) and you can read the rest of Bruce Connelly’s Hare Today, Gone…? along with several other amazing stories between its captivating covers (and we both hope you do!)

Have you been Harveyed?

The kind, wise, and wonderful folks at Sixth Element Publishing included four of my flash pieces in Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 8 and I’m repaying that kindness by showcasing the opening from each author’s work for the next few weeks.


Next up, a taste of Christine King’s The Child, The Witch, and The Werewolf.