Tag – Part II Forgeron the Tinker – Chapter 6

Yeah…well…I restructured the plot line during the past month. I’m some where around chapter 30 now, give or take a few edits.

Fortunately, nothing much up to this point got changed.

Lucky you, huh?

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Tag – Part II Forgeron the Tinker – Chapter 6

Julia watched her mother shape two loaves of bread. “Take these to Zevke. Here’s a copper for his oven.”

Julia put the two loaves on a handled, wooden tray, placed a cloth over them, and walked to her family’s gate. She stopped, her hand on the latch, at the sounds of rich baritone singing and a metal jangling.

Forgeron came around the corner. Tools hung from the sides of his cart and bumped and jostled each other like busy neighbors on a fairground. “Hello, Good Woman of the House.”

Julia blushed. “I am not the Woman of the House.”

“Don’t fool an old man, Good Woman. Someone of your beauty, your wisdom, your delicious loaves of bread.”

“They’re not baked yet.”

“Two loaves of soon to be delicious bread.”

“You’re funny.”

“So if you’re not the Woman of the House, may a humble Traveler know your name?”

“Julia Atraea. My mother’s inside. Do you want me to fetch her?”

“Oh, please. But first, you’re Eric’s friend?”

Julia blushed again. “Yes.”

“Oh, I think there’s more than friendship there. No hope for a lonesome Traveler, then?”

“You’re funny.”

Julia’s mother opened the door. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“He knows Eric, Mother.”

“I breakfasted with Verduan and did some work for him. You would be Ide? He said you might have some pots needed mending.”

Ide moved between Julia and the gate and crossed her arms over an ample bosom. “And what’s your price?”

Forgeron laughed. “Good Mother, I’m too old to care about such things.”

“No man is that old.”

Forgeron raised his hand in protest. “Madam, I mean no harm. Work comes easier when I make people smile and laugh, that’s all. My price is a meal and some coppers. If not both, a silver will do. If I trouble, you, I’ll walk on and we’ll both be the wiser.”

“Bring those loaves to the baker, girl.”

Julia hurried past Forgeron, her eyes focused on the road before her. She didn’t hide a smile as she walked past him.

Forgeron watched her go. “So Zevke’s the village baker? Might he need some metalsmithing? Perhaps a bellows for his ovens? Maybe – ”

“Eyes forward, Master Tinker.”

Forgeron’s head turned slowly until his eyes rested on Ide. He smiled. “Only following her path so I’ll know where the baker lies.”

“I have two pots that’ve seen better days. There’s potatoes and mutton for cooking. One copper.”

“Can you spare some conversation while I work as well? Surely there’s no charge for conversation?”

Ide went back into her house and came out with two pots needing hammering and rebrazing. “I have work to do, but I’ll talk a bit to suit you.”

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