The Old Ones Return

From early Feb 2022, The Old Ones return, and like most of us waking from a long slumber, they’re unsure. Shy, really.

It’s obvious they recognize me and know I’m not a threat.

Perhaps their concern is that they haven’t had a chance to put their makeup on, or do their hair.

You know, that “Come back after I’ve had my coffee” look? You’re still in your PJs, still have sleep in your eyes, don’t yet want to talk, might be coherent enough to listen to NPR but can’t actually find the radio yet although you might be clutching your mobile because you never really let go of it during the night.

Kind of makes you wish you were in The Wild, doesn’t it?

No need for mobiles there. Grunt or a groan’s as good as a snarl or a bark with them.