Attribution via Action

People who’ve worked with me in critique groups or in my trainings know about attribution via action because I use it often in my own work and I use it often when editing/critiquing someone’s work as it tightens scenes considerably. Almost a year ago I wrote The desire to have characters do something while talking … Continue reading “Attribution via Action”

Toing and Froing Again, Part 3

This is the final post in this Toing and Froing arc. The genesis of this arc came from my fouling up The Alibi chapter 3 (my current work in progress. Toing and Froing occurs when the writer/author has their characters move around or do things for no real story purpose; there’s no character development, no … Continue reading “Toing and Froing Again, Part 3”

Toing and Froing

We’re going to build on elements from Using One-Line Summaries to Write Better Stories and Flashback as Story Frame to deal with another story challenge that often leads editors and publishers to stop reading and reject a story: Toing and Froing (To-ing and Fro-ing), something I first wrote about in Quit Stage Directing. Simply put, … Continue reading “Toing and Froing”