World-Building – Revealing Settings Through Relatable Characters

Every time you have an opportunity to show something most people aren’t familiar with, do so to add color to the story provided you can do it in a way the reader understands and can relate to. Ground the unfamiliar with the familiar   You have to ground the unfamiliar with the familiar so that … Continue reading “World-Building – Revealing Settings Through Relatable Characters”

World-Building – Process

What goes into creating a world and sharing it with the reader? Aside from blood and sweat? Research Research everything. You may not use everything you’ve learned, but your increased subject matter expertise will come through in your writing and (probably) you’ll have more confidence in what you’re writing. One of my greatest joys is … Continue reading “World-Building – Process”

World-Building – Miscellaneous

Something is crucial to your world-building if your story is dramatically changed when you remove that thing.   Not everything tied to world-building is major. Except when it’s a central element to a story, meaning removing it dramatically changes your story. That noted, here are some miscellaneous world-building items to be aware of. Fun (Sports, … Continue reading “World-Building – Miscellaneous”

World-Building – Belief Systems

Belief systems are part of the anthropologist’s triad – culture, language, myth (belief). These three are so intertwined I can’t imagine studying one without drawing deeply of the others. Our personal library contains ~300 books on different belief/faith/mythological/folkoric systems. If you count ebooks, the number goes over 1,000 volumes (and note my bias there). But … Continue reading “World-Building – Belief Systems”

World-Building – Weather

I’ve yet to encounter a created world that does not make use of climate and weather directly or indirectly. That includes this one. Consider the history of earth and the interdependencies between life and climate become obvious (I hope). Read anything by Brian Fagan and you’ll get a taste of those interdependencies beautifully written. Examples … Continue reading “World-Building – Weather”