The Augmented Man Video Series Episode 3 – “Learn Chess, Yes”

Episode 1 – “Good Run, Trailer?”
Episode 2 – “Massively Scarred”

Sabine Rossbach
Joseph Carrabis
The Augmented Man

Daniel Oliver Late Last Night Booked Me

Author Daniel Oliver read my The Augmented Man novel and was so impressed he asked to interview me for his blog.

Have you seen his Late Last Night Books blog? He co authors there with several notables, Lily Iona Mackenzie (who I interviewed a while back) for one.

And if that’s not enough, take a gander at who they’re interviewing.

And they want me?

My thanks to Daniel Oliver and the rest of the Late Last Night Books folks.

You can read my interview here. Be sure to leave a comment when you do.

The Augmented Man Video Series Episode 2 – “Massively Scarred”

Episode 1 – “Good Run, Trailer?”

Sabine Rossbach
Joseph Carrabis
The Augmented Man

Mark Hayes’ “Truth in fiction”

“Here is a truth I think we as a society need to consider, think on it a moment if you will…”
– Mark Hayes

I am thrilled when one of my books gets a review, and of course I prefer favorable reviews.

But want to know my real joy?

When an author writes I did a good job.

That, to me, is like a chef telling another chef, “Damn! That’s tasty!” or a musician telling another musician “Beautiful playing, that!” or a boxer telling another boxer, “You got me good, I got to keep my guard up more.”

Now let’s go over the top: An author who’s impressed you in some way, shape, or form telling others, “Damn, this is a good read!”

That’s what Mark Hayes said about The Augmented Man

Thanks, Mark.

It truly means a lot.