The Alibi (A John Chance Mystery) – Chapter 41

Yep, definitely coming together.

The Alibi – Chapter 41

Ginni held her keys in her hand as she walked from the elevator to her condo. She kept her buttocks tight to keep a tampon in place.

She couldn’t remember Briggs being so…violent? He was always demanding but most of the time he expected her to do all the work. The only difference was when he drove the hershey highway. He actually expected her to do office work when she was bent over, her skirt pulled up around her hips, her hands filing folders or typing when she wasn’t bracing herself against his desk.

Sick fuck.

But this time?

This time he practically lifted her off the ground with his thrusts.

All three of them.

What the hell was his problem this time?

And when he was done?

“Go clean yourself up and get back to work.”

She so wanted to say, “Yes, Massah. Thank you, Massah,” but kept her mouth shut.

Thank god she kept an extra set of clothes in the office.

Her mobile rang her mother’s TXT as she turned the key and opened her door. “Not now, Mother.”

Inside her condo, her mother TXTed again.

She threw her mobile, pocketbook, and briefcase on the floor, undressed on her way to the bathroom, left her clothes where they dropped from her, and turned on the shower full and redline hot.

Her mother TXTed again.

“Fuck off, Mother.”

A steaming shower, a vigorous shampoo, a full lathering of shower gel, and a generous smothering of her skin with body lotion followed by her thickest, most plush, bathrobe.

What else?

A good Oban, neat. Double. Yeah

Her mother TXTed again.

“Oh Jesus Fuck, Mother.”

She picked up her mobile.

“What the fuck?”

Her mother TXTed her the entire time she was in the shower.


The same message every thirty seconds.

What, did she have it on autodialer or something? Had someone hacked her mother’s cellphone and given the info to robodailers?

She called and got voicemail.

She dropped the robe and got into sweats and trainers.

Somebody knocked on her door.

“Mom?” She opened the door without looking to see who was there. Her hand fumbled coding her lock. “That you, Mom?”

No answer.

She looked up.

A late middle-age guy, clean shaven, nice tan, dusty brown hair sliding towards gray, gave her a great smile while his bright gray eyes gave her a once over. The way his eyes moved and the way he smiled, she wondered if he had x-ray vision.

She moved back behind her door and braced it with a foot and both hands. “What is it? I’m in a hurry and need to be somewhere.”

“Yes, your mother’s. Correct?”

Her hands relaxed slightly. “Are you with police? Is my mother okay?”

“May I come in?”

Whoever this guy was, he seemed the polar opposite of Lane. Lane was smooth when it served him while remaining an asshole through and through.

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